Deck Builder Chermside

deck builders for Chermside homes

We specialise in constructing decks for homeowners in the Northern Brisbane suburb of Chermside. Our custom designed decks are tailored to withstand Brisbane’s unique climate conditions.

As accredited Master Builders, we have the expertise to create high quality decks that will enhance your outdoor living space. Your new space will be perfect for enjoying time with family and friends.

We work with a range of timbers, including merbau, jarrah, spotted gum, blackbutt and treated pine.

For those looking for a low maintenance or an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber decking, composite timber decks (also known as eco-timber) could be the perfect solution.

Moreover, if you need protection from Brisbane’s hot summers, consider a flyover insulated roof for your deck. This type of roof provides excellent ventilation, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for your alfresco gatherings regardless of the heat.


timber decks Chermside

Timber decks are highly sought after by Chermside homeowners looking to make their outdoor spaces something special. They offer a warm, natural appearance that appeals to many, showcasing the beauty of natural wood grains.

When choosing the timber for your deck, you have several options available. Merbau is particularly popular, prized for its attractive orange-brown colour that deepens over time. Other favoured choices include jarrah, spotted gum, blackbutt  and treated pine.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, timber decks tend to stay cooler than composite decks in hot weather. This feature enhances comfort for barefoot walking during summer months, which is especially advantageous for decks exposed to direct sunlight.

composite decks Chermside

Composite decking is a popular choice among homeowners in Chermside due to its low maintenance and durability. Made from a blend of recycled wood fibres and plastic, composite decking resists rot and decay, ensuring long-lasting performance. It comes in a range of colours and textures, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic for outdoor spaces. Installation is straightforward and hassle-free, with no need for oiling. Composite decking provides a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking, explaining its increasing popularity among Chermside homeowners.

Available in various colours and textures, composite decking enhances outdoor spaces with a sleek, modern appearance. It installs easily and requires no oiling or painting. Resistant to cracking, splitting, and rotting, it offers durability suitable for outdoor environments. Additionally, it is UV resistant and features anti-slip properties, making it ideal for decking around swimming pools.


pool decks Chermside

With Brisbane’s great weather all year round, it is no wonder that we build lots of pool decks for homeowners in Chermside. Decking around pools is a popular way to add extra space. It means you can really enjoy your time outdoors with family and friends.

You have the option to use either timber decking or composite decking for your pool area. Both choices have advantages. Composite decking is anti-slip, making it safe around both swimming pools and spas. As well, the boards are cooler on Brisbane’s hot sunny days.

In contrast, timber decks are always visually appealing, as well as durable. Gaps between the timber boards allow water to drain away – which protects the timber and prevents puddles.

flyover insulated roofs Chermside

A flyover insulated roof rises above the height of the roof of your Chermside home. This is done by attaching it to the walls and positioning it above the roof structure. As well as looking fabulous, it also provides better ventilation. As a result, it creates a more comfortable outdoor deck space, particularly during hot Brisbane summers.

As your flyover insulated roof is waterproof, it means your deck can also be used on rainy days. So there is no need to change your plans when Brisbane’s weather is far from perfect!

By taking the additonal step of insulating your flyover roof, you will be able to regulate the temperature. As a result, you will keep your deck comfortable throughout the year. Another advantage of insulation is that it helps to dampen external noises – including both traffic and loud neighbours.

balustrades for decks Chermside

If your new deck is above the ground, you will neede a balustrade for safety. There are many types of balustrades, so there is sure to be a style that suits both your new deck and home.

Glass balustrades are a popular choice for many Chermside homeowners. They are a modern style of balustrade and provide an unobstructed view from your deck – perfect for enjoying views into your backyard.

Timber balustrades are also popular for Chermside homeowners. This is particularly true for people who own a Queenslander. Another popular choice is stainless steel balustrades, that not only allow good views but are also easy to clean and maintain.