Timber Deck Builder Brisbane

timber deck builders for brisbane homes

Timber decks are a favoured choice among Brisbane homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with timeless character and natural charm. The warm, inviting look of timber adds to the visual appeal of any backyard or garden, blending seamlessly with the surrounding greenery and landscapes. 

Natural timber decking also offers an unique advantage by seamlessly blending with your home and its surroundings, particularly complementing natural floorboards if you have them indoors.

In fact, It creates a seamless extension of your outdoor living area, enhancing the overall harmony and aesthetic appeal and value of your property

Additionally, timber decks require minimal maintenance, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. They are less prone to scratching and marking compared to other materials, and when cleaning is needed, a simple pressure wash is usually sufficient.

Why not maximise the potential of your timber deck by transforming it into an alfresco kitchen? You can incorporate features like a BBQ, sink, fridge, storage, and even a wood-fired pizza oven, turning your outdoor area into a versatile and inviting space for entertaining and culinary adventures.



choosing the right timber for your deck

When choosing QFinishers to build your new timber deck for your Brisbane home, you have a variety of timber options to choose from.

For example, Merbau timber features striking orange-brown tones that deepen over time, offering both luxury and durability. Jarrah is known for its deep red hues and strong durability, making it a bold choice for outdoor settings.

In contrast, spotted gum combines durability with natural beauty through its diverse colour palette, suitable for modern and traditional homes alike. Blackbutt offers a light-coloured appearance and fire resistance, providing versatility, while treated pine ensures cost-effective durability and weather resistance.

benefits of timber decks for brisbane homes

Timber decks in Brisbane naturally stay cooler than composite materials, ensuring a comfortable surface for barefoot enjoyment, especially during the hot summer months. This natural cooling effect is particularly beneficial for decks exposed to direct sunlight, reducing heat retention and enhancing overall comfort. 

Beyond keeping cool, timber’s durability and resistance to wear and tear ensure long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep. This makes it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners looking to enhance both the beauty and functionality of their outdoor spaces.

In fact, unlike some composite materials, timber decks can be repaired by replacing damaged boards or sections, extending their lifespan with minimal cost and effort.


timber decking staining and oiling

If you’re aiming for a specific colour for your new deck, timber stains provide an excellent solution without hiding the wood’s natural grain. When staining timber, keep in mind that stains will darken the wood’s natural colour, so choosing a lighter timber often yields the best results.

It’s alsoimportant to note that stains do not offer weatherproofing. This is important given Brisbane’s weeather. If you do decide to oil your timber deck for protection, be aware that the oil will also darken the timber’s colour. Oiling enhances the wood’s natural beauty and provides essential weather protection, helping to maintain durability and appearance over time.